jeudi 2 juin 2016


The search start now... !

How to participate and what are the rules?
To participate in this contest:

1• You must be an official model confirmed :
(Minimum a graduation  from a model school in second life ).
INFO : All candidates from past years can apply again!

2• Your age in second life must be more than 6 months.

To participate send a picture of yourself  Full body only
( professional picture )
* Please wear a formal dress from K E L I N I *

Rename your picture: *Miss Kelini 2017 Entry - Your Name -*
and send your picture to Evakelini Resident

Attention each pictures that does not properly'll renamed  shalt not accepted
Thank you for your understanding.

You also need to add your picture  to our official Flickr group Miss K E L I N I :

A casting will be held during July, August and September and a selection of candidates will be made each month
to take part in our final challenges to become Miss K E L I N I 2017.

What to win?

1• The title of Miss K E L I N I 2017, Of course!
2• A Custom Dress of your choice made especially for you!
3• 100K * Cash price & Gifts *
4• The title of model and the appearance of a maximum of vendor
& magazine during 2017
5• All K E L I N I Newness for a year , And many others!

Miss K E L I N I 2017 ... The search start now!

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