jeudi 11 décembre 2014

*PosESioN* Christmas Photo Contest / *PosESioN* Concours Photo de Noël

Requirements for the contest
1) Join *PosESioN* Poses Group (free enrollment)

2) Take a full body photo using a pose exclusively of our unisex set of poses called "Christmas" (photo must be Christmas-themed) Photos taken using other poses will be disqualified.

3) Rename your photo just like that: *PosESioN* Christmas Contest (your avatar name) - please use your avatar name, not display name or we can't find you in case you win.

4) Submit your photo to this Flickr Group:

5) Submit only one photo per avatar.

*** DEADLINE is 30th December 2014 Midnight SLT

Contest Prizes
2500 L$
A *PosESioN* 5000L Gift Card

A *PosESioN* 2500L Gift Card

A *PosESioN* 600L Gift Card 

Important facts about competition:

- Don't forget submit your photography until 30th December 2014 Midnight SLT  The winner will be announced in a Notice in the *PosESioN* Poses Group

- *PosESioN* reserves the right to disqualify any image that does not respect the rules mentioned in the notecard.

- When you submit an image you are giving *PosESioN* the right to use the image in any form we may require (publications, promotions, etc.)

If you have any question send a notecard to Gretel Bulloch.

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