mardi 7 novembre 2017

Project Bento in Secondlife

Fashion in Second Life, I know before writing about this topic, but today I do not just want to talk about fashion, which means that fashion is not just clothes, but also everything that people want and what they live and work for……

Fashions: Clothes, Beauty, Home, Family, Work, Study....

This is only day to day.
We always want to look better, or at least feel better than others. Throughout history, this is what makes us powerful, but in reality it is only fashion, since fashion governs in many: people, groups in general. Now the new thing in SL is the bento fashion, which is bento. The Bento Project is an update of the Second Life Avatar Skeleton, which is what allows Second Life Avatars to move and come to life, as well as allowing the creation of more real and intricate tiled mesh accessories. Obviously, it is now working very well in Second Life.

The bento project includes : Head, Hands, Feet and Body, but not only is this what the creators want to show, create and sell in Second Life, they also want to sell products designed for this kind of forms, so to speak.

Erienn Bowenford

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