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“InStyleSL Trends” Monthly Contest Project

Event Sponsored by Versus Magazine & Windlight Magazine
Hi all,

So, instead of talking about a fashion event, i thought i'd tell you all about a fashion competition. “InStyleSL Trends”  Monthly Contest Project is a competition that is running from May 2016 to October 2016. What models, stylists, fashionistas and bloggers are asked to do is,style themselves to a theme for the month that the participants are entering in. In October, the winners from each month will be asked to be in a fashion show and at that affair, the winner of this entire contest will be crowned.

Deadline for apply : June 30th, 2016

This invitation is for Bloggers, Models and Stylists.

The Contest "InStyleSL Trends" this search for most fashionable talent: Inspirational, Trendy, Original, and Creative peoples.  Through this get the latest fashion tips and outfit ideas!!

InStyleSL Trends invites you to be part each month fun and exploration with Trending Fashion Contest! Follows the guidelines below:

About Contest

Every month we expose a Theme trend and you make a Styling to participate in InStyleSL SL Trends.

We will choose the best photos and Styling and a jury will choose the best representation of InStyleSL Trends of SL.

In October 2016, 6 winners will be invited to show your trends in a private Runway for see their creations and a juried select a one winner InStyleSL Trends of SL. (no Runway Show) dont need have any experience in modeling.

This Contest runs for 6 months.

Avatar must be 6 months or more in sl for participate.
For Ladies and Gentleman's
All are permitted Avatar: Fashionistas, Models, Stylists and Bloggers.

How to join ?

• June Trend 2016 : SPRING RESORT

Pinterest Board Inspiration :

• Deadline for apply : June 30th, 2016

• Submit it to our Flickr group:
include it your style card about your outfit, size Picture : at least 4500 for good quality.

• Results Winners each month every 30th, 2016

Prizes each Month
• Winner of each month will be prize 2.000L

Gran Finale Prizes
• Final Prize
• The prize will get the winner of the contest "InStyleSL Trends" will consist of:
    - Prize Final  8.000L
   - Title for the winner : InStyle SL 2016
    - Invitation to ICONIQ Agency into the Role ICONIQ Stylist
    - Windlight Magazine Interview
    - Invitation to join the Edge Stylists Group
    - Invitation to make a special Trend Section in the prestigious Versus Magazine
    -Special Gifts from our Sponsors Designers

Contact or Question only by Notecard Inworld

InStyleSL Trends CEO Yashi Audion
InStyleSL Trends CEO Yeriak Couturier

Sarahelisebeth Brenham

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